Its been a long time since my last update- St. Paul Porter

Today I got another run using my STC-1000 and electric setup (with proper separation of hot and cold sides of the outlet). It is SO much easier using this.

8.5 lbs of Rahr 2-row.
1lb English Medium crystal
.5lb English Chocolate Malt

1.5 oz cluster (60 min)
1 oz cascade (1 min)

Good Ole Safale US-05

I mashed at 150, and the temp controller+ heating element held it in that very tight range the entire time. I cooled it down to about 80 degrees, and pitched the dry yeast directly on top. A low-stress brew day. Within hours I saw pressure building in the fermenter… a good sign that the yeast is healthy.

Fermenting and transferring were as smooth as silk- no sediment or oxygen got into the final fermenter. FG hit as well, looking forward to drinking this one!

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Bright Street Brew!

So today I had

9lbs of maris otter
1lb of biscuit.

60 minutes- cascade pellot hops.
30 minutes- 5.5 oz Cascade wet hops.

10 minutes -5.5 oz Cascade wet hops.

Mash sucked, temperatures fluctuated between 152 and 160 degrees, briefly dipping down to 150 degrees.

OG 12 Brix

Pitched Safale US-05 at around 85 degrees. No bubbling action as my peltier cooler does not have a tight seal, so CO2 is escaping through there. Bummer.

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Breaking the drought- Rye PA brew today, with Brewduino!

So its been awhile since I updated, I haven’t brewed since late February. What is exciting is that today I tried out my electric kettle and brewduino setup- a first step towards automated brewing. More details on that will be included in another post.

Today’s recipe (Kit from NB)

9.25 lbs of Rahr 2-row Pale

3lbs Briess Rye Malt

1 lbs Briess Caramel 40

.25 lbs Briess Caramel 80

Mash schedule, 152 degrees for 60 minutes.


.75 oz Warrior (60 min)

1 oz Palisade (15 min)

.5 oz Palisade (5 min)

.5 oz Palisade (dry hop)


Good ole safale US-05

Holding mash temps were a lot easier w the brewduino set up. It held them at a constant 152 degrees for the entire mash and reduced a lot of stress from the mash. I was able to get to boil much faster and sustain the boil much more vigourously. Cooling down to 90 degrees was uneventful, as was the boil. Set the room temp to 67 degrees.

OG came in at 16 brix, or 1.065, right on target. Morning after ferm temps were at 67 degrees, with a lot of bubbling activity.

Fg came in at 5 brix, which seems off because a calculator is telling me this will be  a 9% beer, which can’t be right.

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9/7- Northern Brewer St. Paulie Porter (awesome!)

I brewed NB’s St. Paulie Porter kit on 9/7. Unfortunately, details are escaping me, but it was a standard brew, Safale US-05 yeast. Everything went smoothly.

Bottled and drank for the first time on 10/26. Lightning has struck again! This is the best kit I have brewed.

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10/26- “Twitter Ale”- Cascade/Maris Otter Smash

10lb Maris Otter

5 oz Cascade. 2 at 60 minutes, 1 at 30 mins, 1 at 15 minutes, 1 at 3 minutes.

Safale US-05 yest.

Mashed for 1 hr at 148 degrees, and it held right around there the entire time. No mashout.

Dry hopped with Cascade hops from the garden!

13.2 brix OG- 1.0534

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8/11/2013 English Pale Ale

Today, I brewed an English Pale Ale all grain kit from NB.


9 lbs of Maris Otter

.5 lbs of English Medium Crystal


20z UK Kent Goldings (60 min)

1 oz UK Kent Goldings (1 min)

Yeast: Wyeast 1945 Neo Britannia. This is a medium to high floculating yeast with an apparent attenuation of 72-77%. This is apparently a strain made specifically for NB. This one can apparently get a little estery, so I am going to try to keep the temp down to the lower end of the range. This yeast has me a little worried, I smacked the smack pack, then did a starter, and I haven’t seen much in the way of activity in the starter jar. Hopefully it just has a long lag phase.

I did a 60 minute Mashout at 152 degrees. Accuracy was a bit off due to my digital thermometer dying, and I had to use an analog meat thermometer. I mashed out at 170 for 10 minutes, though the temperature at the end of the 10 minutes was closer to 180.

Day one firm temps-68 degrees.


Final brix was 7 for a gravity of 1.012 and an abv of 5.25%.

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7/20- Scottish 80 Ale, NB All-grain kit


9lbs British Golden Primise

1lb English Medium Crystal

1oz fuggle hops (60 min)

Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Standard brew- I used a refractometer today, which replaces the hydrometer I broke last brew. I am not sure of its accuracy, It said I exceeded my target of 1.047 and was at 1.052. Not sure what to think of that considering I usually miss by a few points. I did mash an extra 20 minutes, and had a 10 minute 170 mash out.

Final gravity came out to 7 brix, or 1.012, for a final ABV of 5.25%, and an attenuation of 76%, a bit above the 69-73% listed as typical on the wyeast site. I am a little skeptical of the accuracy of my refractometer readings.

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Dead Ringer IPA- AG NB Kit

Today I brewed a dead ringer IPA.


11 lbs Rahr 2-row

1 lb briess caramel 40


Good ole’ Safale -US- 05

Hop Schedule:

60 min- .75 oz centennial

20 min – 1 oz centennial

5 min- 2 oz centennial

Dry hops- 1 oz centennial

I mashed for 90 minutes, the last 10 or so being a higher temp mashout. I diluted the yeast beforehand, but did not make a starter. My wort chiller took considerably longer today than it has in the past- probably because I can’t run the water full blast as the hose keeps getting blown off the nozzle adapter to my sink. I will need to get a clamp or something similar to rectify that. Initial gravity came in at 1.058, 6 points off target. I guess I am reaching the limits of what BIAB can do.

Final Gravity on this came out a bit strange. Despite having 5 weeks to ferment, including a one week higher temp finish off, My refractometer registered 1.027 as the final gravity, for an abv of just a bit over 4%. I am doubting the accuracy of it though, hopefully I don’t have bottle bombs!

Doing a little more research, it seems that there is a special calculation for post fermentation brix. NB’s calculator is now showing that my final gravity is really 1.009, for a 6.43% alcohol content. I have some more research to do.

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Anniversary Bew- “Accidental Saison”

This weekend, in celebration of brewing for a year, I recreated my first beer- What was supposed to be a Cincinnati Pale ale, but due to me misreading the recipe and brewing too hot, ended up being much closer to a saison than a pale ale.


1 4lb can of Alexanders pale liquid malt extract.

1 lb briess dry pale malt extract (not in original recipe, but wanted to give a bit of an ABV boost as my last was only ~3%.

1 oz nugget hops, 60 min.

.5 oz cascade, 30 min.

.5 oz cascade, 15 min.

13g Coopers dry ale yeast.

The process was standard though upgraded from the last time I made this brew- I rehydrated the yeast and had a lot of action there. I used my wort chiller, and hopefully during transferring I won’t have any oxidation problems. OG was about 1.037. FG was about 1.010, for an ABV of about 3.5%


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April 20th- Red Rye Pale Ale

I decided to try a Red Rye Pale Ale after trying Founders version and loving it about a month ago. After looking for recipe’s online, I didn’t see anything that looked all that good, so I decided to try midwest’s kit. Much to my surprise, it was an extract kit. This was nice as it made for a short brew day. Everything went smoothly, the smaller boil and lack of mash made the brew only take about 3.5 hours from start to finish. The only potential issue was that I had a smack pack, and only gave it about an hour and a half to get going.


6 lb. Gold liquid malt extract,

2 oz. Chocolate Rye,

3 oz. Crystal Rye,

3 oz. Crystal 50-60,

4 oz. Rye malt,

4 oz. Flaked Rye,


2 oz. Columbus pellet hops,

1.5 oz. Centennial pellet hops

Hop schedule:

60min- .5 oz columbus

20 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

10 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

5 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

Yeast- Wyeast ringwood ale (?)

Gravity was around 1.050.

FG was about 1.010, for an abv of 5.25%

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