April 20th- Red Rye Pale Ale

I decided to try a Red Rye Pale Ale after trying Founders version and loving it about a month ago. After looking for recipe’s online, I didn’t see anything that looked all that good, so I decided to try midwest’s kit. Much to my surprise, it was an extract kit. This was nice as it made for a short brew day. Everything went smoothly, the smaller boil and lack of mash made the brew only take about 3.5 hours from start to finish. The only potential issue was that I had a smack pack, and only gave it about an hour and a half to get going.


6 lb. Gold liquid malt extract,

2 oz. Chocolate Rye,

3 oz. Crystal Rye,

3 oz. Crystal 50-60,

4 oz. Rye malt,

4 oz. Flaked Rye,


2 oz. Columbus pellet hops,

1.5 oz. Centennial pellet hops

Hop schedule:

60min- .5 oz columbus

20 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

10 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

5 min- .5 oz columbus, .5 oz centennial

Yeast- Wyeast ringwood ale (?)

Gravity was around 1.050.

FG was about 1.010, for an abv of 5.25%

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