Anniversary Bew- “Accidental Saison”

This weekend, in celebration of brewing for a year, I recreated my first beer- What was supposed to be a Cincinnati Pale ale, but due to me misreading the recipe and brewing too hot, ended up being much closer to a saison than a pale ale.


1 4lb can of Alexanders pale liquid malt extract.

1 lb briess dry pale malt extract (not in original recipe, but wanted to give a bit of an ABV boost as my last was only ~3%.

1 oz nugget hops, 60 min.

.5 oz cascade, 30 min.

.5 oz cascade, 15 min.

13g Coopers dry ale yeast.

The process was standard though upgraded from the last time I made this brew- I rehydrated the yeast and had a lot of action there. I used my wort chiller, and hopefully during transferring I won’t have any oxidation problems. OG was about 1.037. FG was about 1.010, for an ABV of about 3.5%


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