Dead Ringer IPA- AG NB Kit

Today I brewed a dead ringer IPA.


11 lbs Rahr 2-row

1 lb briess caramel 40


Good ole’ Safale -US- 05

Hop Schedule:

60 min- .75 oz centennial

20 min – 1 oz centennial

5 min- 2 oz centennial

Dry hops- 1 oz centennial

I mashed for 90 minutes, the last 10 or so being a higher temp mashout. I diluted the yeast beforehand, but did not make a starter. My wort chiller took considerably longer today than it has in the past- probably because I can’t run the water full blast as the hose keeps getting blown off the nozzle adapter to my sink. I will need to get a clamp or something similar to rectify that. Initial gravity came in at 1.058, 6 points off target. I guess I am reaching the limits of what BIAB can do.

Final Gravity on this came out a bit strange. Despite having 5 weeks to ferment, including a one week higher temp finish off, My refractometer registered 1.027 as the final gravity, for an abv of just a bit over 4%. I am doubting the accuracy of it though, hopefully I don’t have bottle bombs!

Doing a little more research, it seems that there is a special calculation for post fermentation brix. NB’s calculator is now showing that my final gravity is really 1.009, for a 6.43% alcohol content. I have some more research to do.

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