7/20- Scottish 80 Ale, NB All-grain kit


9lbs British Golden Primise

1lb English Medium Crystal

1oz fuggle hops (60 min)

Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Standard brew- I used a refractometer today, which replaces the hydrometer I broke last brew. I am not sure of its accuracy, It said I exceeded my target of 1.047 and was at 1.052. Not sure what to think of that considering I usually miss by a few points. I did mash an extra 20 minutes, and had a 10 minute 170 mash out.

Final gravity came out to 7 brix, or 1.012, for a final ABV of 5.25%, and an attenuation of 76%, a bit above the 69-73% listed as typical on the wyeast site. I am a little skeptical of the accuracy of my refractometer readings.

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