8/11/2013 English Pale Ale

Today, I brewed an English Pale Ale all grain kit from NB.


9 lbs of Maris Otter

.5 lbs of English Medium Crystal


20z UK Kent Goldings (60 min)

1 oz UK Kent Goldings (1 min)

Yeast: Wyeast 1945 Neo Britannia. This is a medium to high floculating yeast with an apparent attenuation of 72-77%. This is apparently a strain made specifically for NB. This one can apparently get a little estery, so I am going to try to keep the temp down to the lower end of the range. This yeast has me a little worried, I smacked the smack pack, then did a starter, and I haven’t seen much in the way of activity in the starter jar. Hopefully it just has a long lag phase.

I did a 60 minute Mashout at 152 degrees. Accuracy was a bit off due to my digital thermometer dying, and I had to use an analog meat thermometer. I mashed out at 170 for 10 minutes, though the temperature at the end of the 10 minutes was closer to 180.

Day one firm temps-68 degrees.


Final brix was 7 for a gravity of 1.012 and an abv of 5.25%.

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