Breaking the drought- Rye PA brew today, with Brewduino!

So its been awhile since I updated, I haven’t brewed since late February. What is exciting is that today I tried out my electric kettle and brewduino setup- a first step towards automated brewing. More details on that will be included in another post.

Today’s recipe (Kit from NB)

9.25 lbs of Rahr 2-row Pale

3lbs Briess Rye Malt

1 lbs Briess Caramel 40

.25 lbs Briess Caramel 80

Mash schedule, 152 degrees for 60 minutes.


.75 oz Warrior (60 min)

1 oz Palisade (15 min)

.5 oz Palisade (5 min)

.5 oz Palisade (dry hop)


Good ole safale US-05

Holding mash temps were a lot easier w the brewduino set up. It held them at a constant 152 degrees for the entire mash and reduced a lot of stress from the mash. I was able to get to boil much faster and sustain the boil much more vigourously. Cooling down to 90 degrees was uneventful, as was the boil. Set the room temp to 67 degrees.

OG came in at 16 brix, or 1.065, right on target. Morning after ferm temps were at 67 degrees, with a lot of bubbling activity.

Fg came in at 5 brix, which seems off because a calculator is telling me this will be  a 9% beer, which can’t be right.

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