Its been a long time since my last update- St. Paul Porter

Today I got another run using my STC-1000 and electric setup (with proper separation of hot and cold sides of the outlet). It is SO much easier using this.

8.5 lbs of Rahr 2-row.
1lb English Medium crystal
.5lb English Chocolate Malt

1.5 oz cluster (60 min)
1 oz cascade (1 min)

Good Ole Safale US-05

I mashed at 150, and the temp controller+ heating element held it in that very tight range the entire time. I cooled it down to about 80 degrees, and pitched the dry yeast directly on top. A low-stress brew day. Within hours I saw pressure building in the fermenter… a good sign that the yeast is healthy.

Fermenting and transferring were as smooth as silk- no sediment or oxygen got into the final fermenter. FG hit as well, looking forward to drinking this one!

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